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[IP] Been Away

Hi All,

I have been away for awhile trying to keep up with my life.  I came back to
3000 messages and a full mailbox, so I have been trying to at least skim all
of them and delete them.  I apologize if I ask questions that have been
addressed.  I still have many messages to read, but things have been weird
and I need some advice.

I started on the pump in late July with all the best intentions and high
hopes.  I must admit that things have not been as bad as they were before I
started pumping, but I have been very lax in my contol over the past 23
years and some habits are hard to break.  The problems I have been
encountering, besides life just being too hectic, are a seemingly inflexible
medical staff, weird things happening that I can't seem to explain, and just
some sheer stupidity and ignorance on my part.

Usually I can tell what caused the highs and lows when I have them, but last
Saturday I had a serious low, and since we were in another country, it was
really scary.  We attended a wedding in a small town in Canada.  I should
explain that we are buying a house, have to be out of this one by the end of
September, I am doing all the flowers for my sister's wedding the first
weekend of October, I drive 1 1/2 hours a day to and from work, I just
finished a month of training on another city, I am taking a night class, and
starting a small business.  I never anticipated this would all happen at

Anyway, my husband was standing up in a wedding in Canada, and we agreed to
drive the groom and his kids up there, and they would drive back with the
bride after the wedding.  So all week I was working extra hours so I could
take Friday off, and sewing a dress to wear, and then we left Thursday
evening and drove til late, then we were up early Friday to be on the road. 
Friday night I changed my site before I went to bed (a no-no, I know, but
the only chance I had).  We had to be up early Saturday to help with
decorating the hall and some last minute arrangements, so when I woke up on
Saturday in a tiny ill-equipped motel, I can't even tell you if I remembered
to test.

I did insist that we go eat breakfast, since I knew there wasn't a wedding
dinner, and I was not sure when we would get a chance to eat.  We went and
had a big breakfast (steak, eggs, hash browns, toast, juice, etc.) and I
bolused conservatively knowing we would be really busy, and more active then
usual.  About 2 hours later, we were at the hall decorating and I decided to
run into the next nearest town to get burgers for the kids who had not yet
eaten.  On the way there, I felt low, but my test kit was not in the pocket
of my purse where I usually keep it.  I decided to just eat some Skittles
and keep going.  I ate about half a bag of candy by the time I got back to
the hall.  About 1/2 hour later I felt low again, so we headed back to the
motel so I could look for my meter.  On the way, I ate some more candy, and
drank 1/2 can of regular soda.  When I tested, my BS was 50, so I finished
the soda, ate 3 glucose tabs and some cheese and crackers, then took a
shower.  After my shower, I still felt low, so I tested again.  This time it
was 43.  I ate some more glucose tabs and drank another soda.  I also
entered a temp basal of .1 just until I could figure out what was going on.

Just before the ceremony, I tested and it was 180.  I decided to leave the
temp basal going until afterwards.  At the restaurant after the ceremony, I
tested 200, so I cancelled the temp basal and waited until after our meal to
bolus for the food I had eaten.

At the reception, I danced like crazy.  Then I had a small piece of cake and
bolused.  When I tested when we got back to the room, my sugar was at 440! 
I still have no idea what happened!  I figure, the high may be the yo-yo
effect from the low, and the fact that I really consumed some heavy-duty
carbs that afternoon, but the low has me stumped.  Anyone else out there
have any ideas?

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