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[IP] Lo carbing and ketones

Hi, Shannon.

FOA, I'm not a doctor and I hope a doctor on the list will contribute to 
this thread.

>I understand that very low carb plans can cause ketosis. I know ketones 
>are the waste products of burned fat but I also understand they are 
>dangerous. I would like to both burn fat but avoid dangerous ketones.

Spilling ketones is normal for *anybody*, diabetic or non-diabetic, in 
certain situations such as heavy exercise and dieting. What's NOT normal is 
the combination of hyperglycemia and ketones. IOW, you can eat as LITTLE 
carb per day as you want, but you need to keep your blood sugar controlled 
by administering the appropriate basal rate.

>I've also heard that ketones are only dangerous if you are dehydrated, is 
>this true?

Ketones are very dangerous if you're hyperglycemic. The latter will lead to 
dehydration with or without ketones.

>I've heard that ketoacidosis occurs in diabetics because they are running 
>high and therefore are dehydrated.

Yes, that's correct. Without insulin, the body can't burn sugar so it has 
to use fats instead. The blood sugar soars and the kidneys get rid of the 
sugar by dissolving it in water. Since there's no insulin available, 
there's a LOT of sugar and a LOT of water is needed. That's where the 
dehydration comes from.

To keep itself running without sugar, the body burns up fat. The use of fat 
produces byproducts, ketones, which if present in large quantities poison 
the body.

Fasting (fat breakdown) and insulin deficiency both result in ketones. The 
presence of ketones without insulin is very serious. However, the presence 
of ketones while dieting is normal -- I don't believe anyone can lose 
weight without producing ketones from the breakdown of fat.

>If a diabetic is in good control (good bgs) and well hydrated, are ketones 

No, as long as the body has enough insulin to keep going and the presence 
of ketones is called for under the circumstances. IOW, if you're NOT 
dieting or exercising heavily and spill ketones, it could very well be 
something to worry about.

>So for those low carb pumpers out there...how low do you go?  How many 
>grams of carbohydrates do you limit yourself to?

I have gone to zero on many occasions after consultation with my physician. 
I drink lots of fluids and I get plenty hungry, but with the right basal 
dose, I can keep the bg normal. Other than losing some weight, no harm is done.

regards, Andy

P.S.: Comments from medical professionals would be very much appreciated on 
this subject.

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