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Re: [IP] rotflmao

At 02:34 PM 09/16/00 email @ redacted wrote:
 >Do you really get to eat this sort of thing...ice cream I mean.
 > The only ice cream i have had in years was a bite of my husbands crunchy
 >bar that
 >has no sugar.  He ate that last night prior to bedtime..
 >I don't know what I would do with food that sweet.

Sure... you can eat anything that you want. The basic rule is that a carb 
is a carb is a carb. It makes no difference what form that carbohydrate 
takes... whether from a slice of bread or apple pie, a potato or ice cream. 
Once your pump is set up correctly for your basals, in theory you can skip 
meals and eat when you're hungry. Then you just bolus for the carbs you eat.

Part of the pump learning process, besides your basals, is figuring out 
what your ratio of units of insulin to carbs are. Once all this is worked 
out, if you feel like desert, as long as you know what to bolus for it, 
then no problem. We're talking about flexibility here... not the old rigid 
diets that we used to have. You might want to go your local book store and 
get a carbohydrate counting book... that will be your textbook for learning 
what you need to bolus. If you look at labels on packages of food... the 
carb counts are usually there too.


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