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Re: [IP] rotflmao

email @ redacted wrote:

> Lurline came up with some interesting ideas for flavors
> but...Chubby Hubby and Chunky Monkey are Ben and Jerry flavors.  Chunky
> monkey is a yummy banana ice cream with HUNKS (not chips) of dark chocolate
> and walnut chunks.....chubby hubby was actually put together by some guys to
> fool a friend that it was a ben and jerrys flavor and ben and jerry heard of
> it, liked it and took it on...it is a chocolate ice cream with peanut butter
> filled pretzels, a caramel ribbon and some otherjunk....my new fvorite
> however is phish food...whichh is chocolate ice cream with chocolate fish
> chunks and a marshmallow ribbon thought out
> Hey kids, it is no worse than eating lipton noodles and sauce with aunt
> graces meat loaf...at least the FULL carb adn fat count are RIGHT there...you
> hve no excuses!!!
> other flavors to consider....wavy gracy (with hazelnut), white russian (a
> smooth coffee flavored one), coffee coffee buzz buzz..(coffee flavor with etc.,
> snipped.

Do you really get to eat this sort of thing...ice cream I mean.
 The only ice cream i have had in years was a bite of my husbands crunchy bar that
has no sugar.  He ate that last night prior to bedtime..
I don't know what I would do with food that sweet.
Lurline...who must obviously live in a world of her own.

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