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[IP] Doctors who don't understand pums

1) What is a square wave-I've never heard that terminology before?

2) How do you fast when your a diabetic? =20

3) Isn't there any pumpers out there who have to eat 6x's a day? My =
eodo. insists I cannot skip a meal he has over 60 patients on the pump. =
However after watching this site I am now questioning his capabilities?  =
(But then again at my age I am starting to question everyone's =

I do not think most docors understand pumps. Your doctor mwy be feeling you
are too skinny and may want you to eat more calories/ day but if you cant
skip a meal then I think your basels might be set wrong. you bolus to eat.
if you don't wnt to eat you don't bolus.
The number of patients a doctor has on a pum is no guide to his experince.
Often CDE's know more about it than doctors, especially if they are
diabetic and pump. just becaausedoctor hs md ater his naeis not an
indication that he is Magnificently Dumb. Yuor basel rate is to balance the
production of glucose by the liver caused by stress and glucagon as well as
growth hormone durin the day ang nite. Find an endo or cde who is diabetic
and pumps Spot and Christine

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