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[IP] Getting Upgrade to MM 508

Hi Everyone,
I haven't written anything to the digest in a long time!  I am getting an
upgrade from the MM 507C to the MM508 and expect it on Monday.
I know there are some differences but is it easy to go from one pump to
another?  Is the 508 bigger?  I am really excited about having the three
different basal patterns as that is how many I have.  Now I don't have to
worry about forgetting to change the temp rate and missing doing that when I
am busy at work.
If anyone has any feedback on switching over pumps I would love to hear it.
Also I wanted to tell you about a wonderful weight loss program that has
been around for years.  And I know that some people don't like him but it
has worked for me.  I am doing Richard Simmons Move Groove and Lose.  I know
that it is just the exchange plan that we all know and love(LOL) but it has
really worked for me.  Whether or not I was just ready to do it or not.  I
have lost 14 lbs since June 19th.  It is not a lot but according to my endo
this is the best way to lose it, slow....  I have improved my bg's even more
than they were before and lowered my total daily dose of insulin from 65-80
units to not over 65 depending on when and what is going on.  I usually only
use 55 units a day now, so that to me is a big improvement and I feel better
physically and mentally.
Hope that everyone is well.  And I will be looking forward to any help I can
get from you guys about switching over pumps.  I do have a crash course
class on Thursday but I will want to put the pump on Monday after watching
the video and playing with it awhile.
Have to think of a new name too.  The new pump is going to be green!
Dawn Dvorak
pumping since 4/20/99
dx'd 3/1985

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