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Lurline came up with some interesting ideas for flavors

but...Chubby Hubby and Chunky Monkey are Ben and Jerry flavors.  Chunky 
monkey is a yummy banana ice cream with HUNKS (not chips) of dark chocolate 
and walnut chunks.....chubby hubby was actually put together by some guys to 
fool a friend that it was a ben and jerrys flavor and ben and jerry heard of 
it, liked it and took it on...it is a chocolate ice cream with peanut butter 
filled pretzels, a caramel ribbon and some otherjunk....my new fvorite 
however is phish food...whichh is chocolate ice cream with chocolate fish 
chunks and a marshmallow ribbon thought out

Hey kids, it is no worse than eating lipton noodles and sauce with aunt 
graces meat loaf...at least the FULL carb adn fat count are RIGHT there...you 
hve no excuses!!!

other flavors to consider....wavy gracy (with hazelnut), white russian (a 
smooth coffee flavored one), coffee coffee buzz buzz..(coffee flavor with 
CHUNKS fo stuff)

then there is the new dreamery ice creams a cool mint one with chocolate stars

god the list is endless....i am just drooling thinking about it.

I am in Ft Lauderdale now, but the way. so no more NYC Sara for a while


FL Sara SP
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