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[IP] diabetes better than?

I do agree to a certain point that there are much worse diseases to have. But
I know of some people who would disagree, the ones who have died from it!! I
lost a cousin, barely 30, a few years ago. I have a close family friend whose
Dad died this week, kidney failure and gangrene! I would say diabetes is more
than just frustrating! It is DEADLY to many. I also know personally that it
can also cause unrelenting pain and or discomfort! Yes using the pump does
make it a lot easier, but the vast majority of diabetics are unable for one
reason or another to have one. As for anger, while it may be a waste of time
and energy, I still feel it sometimes. I am angry to have had to fight to stay
alive basically! I am angry because my son has this dreaded disease also, and
that brings a factor of guilt to the picture for me. Well maybe it's more
sadness than anger, but either way I don't think I should have to deal with
either emotion. I don't think we should make it seem like this disease is just
some nuisance, I think we should be screaming out how horrible this disease
is, and how it needs to have a cure found, once and for ALL!  These are just
my personal opinions and I don't mean to anger anyone who feels differently!
Fellow pumper and DM'er, DENISE

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