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Re: [IP] Steel Magnolias...

Sherry C. wrote:

>>I guess part of me has held onto those old ideas--that I just didn't have
much of a
chance. Although I've never gone completely wild, I've let my A1C's stay in
the 9
range. I didn't even go to a doctor at all for over three years because I
didn't have
good insurance and couldn't afford the deductible.
Now I feel like I am making positive strides in taking care of myself, and I
like there is hope for a long, healthy life with Diabetes.<<

Yes, Sherry there is hope for a long healthy life wity Diabetes.  Back when
I was diagnosed and even 22 years ago when my daughter was born, there were
no A1c's, no meters for testing.... and I survived and I'm sure a lot of
others did also.  I remember going to the doctor once every three months and
getting my blood taken 2 hours after breakfast and that was how they
determined how well I was doing... it's so much better now.

RoseLea and Max...

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