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[IP] Square Wave?

Hi All
I'm so thankful I have found this site.  I know I will find the information I need. I am presently building a file so I can research the information I feel I can use.
I have more questions and as pointed out to me my messages are sometimes coming over garbled-to say the least- I don't know maybe my sugar was low and I really typed that Keith!! LOL
1) What is a square wave-I've never heard that terminology before?
2) How do you fast when your a diabetic? 
3) Isn't there any pumpers out there who have to eat 6x's a day? My eodo. insists I cannot skip a meal he has over 60 patients on the pump. However after watching this site I am now questioning his capabilities?  (But then again at my age I am starting to question everyone's capabilities).
Thank you
Carol T.      (F.Y.I. my spell check tells me to change pumpers to pampers!)