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Re: [IP] RE: Taking away the pump

At 03:02 PM 09/15/00 Halasz Family wrote:
 >First, the nurse from the Dr's office told me that she could not use it
 >anymore.  Just an update.  Off the pump yesterday, Thursday at 10:00 a.m..

First of all, I assume that you own the pump, so it's your decision to keep 
pumping, not the doctor or the nurses. Second, if they don't want your 
daughter to pump and refuse to support you, then you need to fire them and 
hire a more understanding medical support team.

You need to remember that you're in control here, not them. The medical 
staff can provide treatment, support and advice, but they cannot order you 
around. They work for you, not vice versa. Re-start the pump with or 
without them. If they are not going to support you, then find someone else 
who can really provide assistance. It sounds like instead of  trying to 
figure out the problems, they'd just rather not deal with it. That's not 
helpful to your daughter at all... although it's a lot easier for them.


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