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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #486

> JBarrow wrote:
>  >>I have changed sites just before dinner many times.  As long as it's 2
>  hours
>  before bedtime, and you can check and make sure it's working before going 
>  sleep, everything should be okay.  Just be sure to check bg when you change
>  site, and 2 hours or so later.<<

I was told once by a diabetes educator that you should change sites before 
eating.  The theory is that there may be bits of tissue where the new 
needle/cannula is, and if you don't bolus for food, the tissue could prevent 
absorption of the basal insulin.  I guess the bolus pushes the tissue or 
whatever out of the way. She said even if you can't eat a meal, at least try 
to bolus for a snack to get the way cleared for the insulin.  I usually 
change sites before dinner also.

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