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[IP] Re: treating lows

Recently Jim asked:

> I have seen references like this in the past about fruit juice, "real" coke
> and other simple carbohydrates being used to treat low bg's. If I use them
> I have to get my bg very high in order to not crash again 60 - 90 minutes
> later. I usually calculate the carbs I need to bring me to a normal(?)
> level and eat about 8 - 10 grams less than the total using complex carbs.
> As a kid it wasn't fun drinking a coke and have everyone think I was
> alright and then crash again shortly after.
> Does anyone else have experiences similar to this?

Sure. I finally learned (in a diabetes week-long workshop, and if you've not
attended one of these, try to find one) how it should be done. First, grab
some simple carb, to get your BG up fast. Wait for 15-20 minutes, test, and
repeat the simple carb if necessary.

Then: have some additional complex carb. Your liver has been (and probably
still is) been dumping emergency glucose into your blood stream.  After a
major episode, it's depleted those stores. If your system is still in a
general downward trend (and that often is the case for me: once I start
heading downwards, the trend continues), eventually it will use up the
simple sugars, and you're in trouble again, and your liver can't help you
out very well any more. The complex carb will help restore the emergency
reserve (and I never remember the technical term: glycogen? glucagon?
hot-glue-gun?) the liver needs.

OK, experts: was I close?

Keith Johnson
email @ redacted

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