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Re: [IP] Some thoughts on a year of pumping

What a marvelous testimonial for pumping!


> Today marks a year for me on an insulin pump.  What kind of a year
> has it been?  Am I glad that I made the big decision to start
> pumping?  What have I learned in the past year?
> Without a doubt, the decision to start pumping was a very good one. 
> My blood sugar control has been the best ever since I started taking
> insulin 35 years ago.  While the pump obviously has not cured my
> diabetes, it sure has made it easier to effectively deal with it. 
> My A1C's have always been in the good to okay range, but since I
> started pumping, they dropped from 7.9 to 6.7 and have been fairly
> stable since dropping to below 7.  Hypoglycemia had been a real
> problem for me in the past and while it has not disappeared, it
> occurs much less frequently and my awareness of low blood sugar is
> much better.  I feel better, have more energy, can work and play
> harder and have more enthusiasm for life.  The freedom that the pump
> has given me to control my life (rather than diabetes controlling
> me) is wonderful.  I can sleep late on a Sunday without problems, I
> no longer have to worry about eating on a schedule and eating to
> "feed a low" rarely occurs any more.  The pump is a wonderful tool
> for my life and like Sara once stated here, "I will never give up my
> pump until they pry it from my cold dead fingers!"  
> What I have learned in the last year has much to do with all of the
> messages generated by the participants on this forum.  Because I
> have been working 12-13 hour days for the last 9-10 months, I
> haven't had time to write much to the forum and I don't always have
> time to read the digests that I receive several times a day.  But
> when I do read the digests, I almost always learn something from the
> messages.  Having this source of knowledge and experience so readily
> available is a real treasure.  Hopefully in the future I will have
> more time to be an active participant in the forum.  I thank all of
> you for your contributions and I especially want to thank Michael
> Robinton for putting together the web site and doing such a great
> job of keeping it going.  Fortunately, I live and work near Michael
> in the San Francisco Bay Area and have had the opportunity to meet
> him a number of times.  He is amazingly dedicated to Insulin-Pumpers
> and likely spends more time working on it than he should.  I know
> that some members of our group get tired of seeing Michael's
> requests for donations but you all need to understand that if we
> don't contribute and pay the costs of running the web site, Michael
> has to and that is not at all fair.  If we, as the beneficiaries of
> the site, do not fund it, how long do you think it can continue to
> operate?  So I am going to make a suggestion.  While I have
> contributed in the past, I am going to make a practice of
> contributing what I can on my annual pump anniversary.  I plan to
> drop off my annual contribution today.  How about we all do that?  I
> realize that some can afford more than others, but we all need to
> send Michael whatever we can to support Insulin-Pumpers.  Think
> about how much it has helped you and how you would feel if it was no
> longer available.
> Best in pumping,
> Bob Goodman
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