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[IP] Diabetes is better than.....

SNIP >>>>>Jim S Said:To varying degrees I think we all have the following
similarities with diabetes.

Retorical question..... Is diabetes is better than_________?  

I would greatfully exchange cancer (NOT IN ADDITION TO) for diabetes! 
(cancer took my younger brother over a 13 month period)>>>>>>SNIP

I really love and am grateful for our favorite statisticians view
points...however, I don't agree that anger is a part of diabetes we all
I don't have anger about diabetes.  To me, anger is a greatly wasted
feeling..    I never have it,  because I found out that anytime I get angry
- I was angry at me.  Such a waste of energy, and who do I blame for
Diabetes, Genes???? God????  Well, I guess I better learn all I can cause I
must have been give diabetes to learn something.  

I agree with Jim about having diabetes rather than.....
I would far rather have diabetes than Alzheimers, like my brother.  
I would far rather have diabetes than the unrelenting pain and problems my
daughter has to live with. 
I would far rather have diabetes than any terminal illness, or painful long
term illness because I can control to a large degree my complication free
future.   While life with diabetes can be frustrating, those of us with this
disease are better off than many others, at least in today's insulin pump


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