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Re: [IP] After a square wave? Comment

> I think that we have an additional issue to the fat and protein and
> that is that she is only 8 and has a limited stomach processing
> ability.  Large meals seem to go in slowly regardless of contents. 
> The pizza only compounds the issue.
> If we bolus for 1/2 carbs at the pizza meal then she quite good at 2
> hrs post meal.  Then a large increase in BG for the next few hours. 
> We just need to be even more aggressive.
> Maybe I can estimate the noncaobo (fat) related blood glucose. 
> Would that be a one to one based on calories?

For pizza, it is effective to actually measure the amount of cheese 
and convert the protein content to carbs. You will find that "parlor" 
pizza has a much longer digestion time than the supermarket freezer 
variety which is a lot more skimpy on the "good stuff"

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