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Re: Temorary basal rate reductions, was Re: [IP] great advice..

Marina wrote:
> ><snip>
>>  We thought we had his
> >basals set but when he started school he was always
> >high mid-morning.  After tweaking here and there for a
> >couple of weeks, we finally settled on increasing his
> >basals from 7-10a.m. and also increasing his breakfast
> >carb:insulin ratio.  I thought I was doing things
> >wrong because I was under the impression that if you
> >didn't eat, the pump should still prevent hypos but
> >we've found that on weekends, my son was going low
> >around mid-morning if he went without breakfast. 

Try isolating the morning bg rise by eating a low carb breakfast one 
morning and a high carb the next. See what the difference in bg rise 
is and then calculate a bolus for that rise. Use the "morning" bolus 
on days when he gets up for school early, skip it on sleep in or 
weekend days. This way you can use constant ratios and the same 
basals everyday. You will probably also find that the morning bg rise 
on days he eats will come and go seasonally or something like that. 
I've seen this with my daughter and the phenomena has visited us and 
departed 3 times over the last few years.

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