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Temorary basal rate reductions, was Re: [IP] great advice...thanks


One way to deal with this different basal requirement on weekends is to do 
a temporary basal reduction during the mid morning hours on weekends. I've 
used this trick for years to deal with days when my schedule is more / less 
active than my "usual" days. Some experimenting may be necessary to settle 
on the ideal basal reduction %.

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

At 07:50 AM 9/15/2000 -0700, Marina wrote:
>I rarely read the digest but took the time this
>morning to do so and am very glad I did.  My son
>started pumping in late July.  We thought we had his
>basals set but when he started school he was always
>high mid-morning.  After tweaking here and there for a
>couple of weeks, we finally settled on increasing his
>basals from 7-10a.m. and also increasing his breakfast
>carb:insulin ratio.  I thought I was doing things
>wrong because I was under the impression that if you
>didn't eat, the pump should still prevent hypos but
>we've found that on weekends, my son was going low
>around mid-morning if he went without breakfast.  Yet
>if we decreased basals, he'd be high mid-morning every
>weekday.  I'm glad to see that maybe we're not doing
>things as wrong as I thought we were.  Maybe we just
>need to set an alternate weekend basal profile.
>Unfortunately, our pump doesn't have that capability
>yet but we're hoping to trade up to the D-Tron when it
>becomes available.


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