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[IP] control

Darlene wrote about Kap's problems with diabetes and the lack of ability to control it. I think that the issue of control is what is what frustrates us all. There is nothing more frustrating to folks then to acquire an illness which no one can tell us why we got it. It is bad enough to get an illness no one undertstands. When that illness causes other medical problems many of them life threatening or at best so disrupting to life one cannot simply ignore them. It is maddning to have spent your entire life acquiring language, knowledge and skills to prepare for a profession only to develop a deterioration in the ability to deliver the knowledge effectively or efficiently enough. I not only include diabetes here but multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease as well as a host of other illnesses. Since these diseases are poorly understood and of occult origin They make the people who live with them miserable and often their families feel that they should have done something more or less. Guilt is a powerful emotion. For a parent It is made worse when a sibling has the same illness as if it was genetically passed on. Or some event which ocurred during pregnancy caused it. Frequently we become angry about the events and that results in depression which is masked anger. The important thing to keep in mind is that we are all vulnerable to the unfair events that occur in the  mish mash of life. Our genetics can be messed up so that we get these things and there is no explanation which will serve to make us feel better about it. I don't know why mothers and fathers have to see their kids subjected to diabetes. It s certainly not an enjoyable position for a parent to be in. Fortunately, my parents didn't see this but, had they been in that position they would have not enjoyed it either but they would get thru it. Some families are so stressed that they break up. Others do go on.Often the child is plagued by guilt, realizing the stress their illness has placed on the family. This is stuff the public has no exposure to. It is beyond the ability of Mr and Mrs. Average America to understand a sick child.Now, Muscular dystrophy is understood better than it was 20 years ago but that doen't make it less lethal or disabling. We all want our cildren to grow up happy and healty and some of us even would like our kids to marry and perpetuate our families. We all pray for tem to be happy and healthy. When diabetes come into th picture it can be a wet blnket for many families. We dont uderstand it, why it has be such a pimple on the face of society or on  the butt of progress but we all must deal with it. No, Darlene, you are right we can't control it or make it go away. I apoligize for my earlier technical answer. Spot.