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[IP] eyes

Michelle wrote
> black splotch on my eye covering the previous spider webs and 
> she said that the gel was pulling away from the wall...
> i said...what, i have retinal detatchment...and she said no....
> ....the pamphlet said that you get flashes...i am not having flashes...
>.any clues as to what the gel pulling away is..

YES.  The vitreous humor, or gel, in your eye..in EVERYONE's eye, even non 
diabetics, will eventually, over time start to pull away from the retinal 
wall.  Flashers and Floaters are VERY common in older people...this is what 
they see...either little shimmery lights....oooooo prettty...or little ufo 
type dots that kinda float across the eye...

Now the problem when you have had LASER due to diabetic changes is that, the 
laser kinda STAPLES the vitreous to your eye...not literally of course, but 
kinda "melds" it to the retina (I am over simplifying here).  As you age, and 
your vitreous starts to pull away, it pulls at this stapled areas and as it 
(new blood vessel grwoth) which is the BANE of diabetics.  ALL the bleeds I 
have had, as many of you will remember me bithcing aobut, over the last 5 
years were due to vitreous PULLING away from my retina, NOT new growth...

Sometimes you need additional laser to take care of these little bleeds...It 
is kinda like what happens when you pull off a scab on a skinned knee...it 
pulls a little of hte skin around it...it begins to bleed again....same 
thing...different body part.  

The sucky thing is, that even though these bleeds are NOT due to currently 
being a "bad" diabetic, it can STILL lead to vitrectomy.  If the blood does 
not clear out on its own, as mine did not, even htough the bleeding was NOT 
due to me being "bad," then hte doctor has to go IN there, clear it out so 
you can see...

So...keep your head elevated...no bending no lifting no head board banging 
sex , let the blood settle to the "top" of your eye (everything is reveresed 
in what you see), then the doctor MAY opt to do more laser....

Any questions?  Been there, done that...got a t-shirt....


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