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[IP] women stuff

Well...my my...what a way to jump back into the group after being gone so 
long...my "breast guy" (breast surgeon) says that diabetic women get lumps 
more often or have different changes...gosh it has been a long time...i will 
have to think about what he actually told me...you see i was kinda 
preoccupied cuz this was at the same time i had the underarm abcesses and he 
was doing a biopsy for the abnormal changes in my breast and the first 
thought that comes to your mind in that situation is cancer.......hey when it 
rains it pours...oh yeah, the biopsy was negative...ps...i think that the 
diabetes makes us "dense" or is that just lumpy...hee<< 
 I always wondered this myself.  Several years ago I went to the doctor for 
 annual "female" exam and a nurse practitioner saw me.  While examining my 
 breasts she make the statement that I have nice breasts for being a diabetic 
 for so long.  This caught me so off guard I guess I looked surprised and she 
 went on the explain to me that diabetics will often get boils.  Well I have 
 never had one and hope I don't but I guess maybe it does happen to some of 
 Dee Dee 
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