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Re: [IP] YMMV - enables focus to be in the wrong direction?

Jim S. wrote:
> Do any of us feel the following related to diabetes:
(list of feelings snipped)
> Anyone have any more to add?

The one I almost never see discussed is rebellion. Rebellion is not
denial -- it's active resistance! It's not burying your head in the
sand, it's screaming and kicking!

I would say that it's my strongest feeling about diabetes. When I was
first diagnosed, and overwhelmed with guilt, the feelings of rebellion
quickly kicked in. Sorta of a SEZ YOU! attitude. 

Over the years, the strength of the feeling of rebellion has diminished,
but it's still there -- and I act on it occasionally. Less so now than I
used to, but on occasion, I DON'T WANT TO, so I WON'T!!!! In general,
the symptoms of diabetes quickly drive me back to insulin -- my last
rebellion only lasted 24 hours because I was starting to feel sick. 

But I still don't WANT to have diabetes! 
> Retorical question..... Is diabetes is better than_________?
> I would greatfully exchange cancer (NOT IN ADDITION TO) for diabetes!
> (cancer took my younger brother over a 13 month period)

I'm not sure I understand this one. Are you saying you'd rather have
cancer than diabetes, or rather have diabetes??

I can honestly say better the devil I know than the devil I don't know
-- I'd rather be alive with MY diabetes than dead or disabled! There are
any number of diseases that are worse than what I'm dealing with. YOUR
diabetes may be different.

But we weren't given a choice, in any case -- you deal with what you
have to -- and all you can do is make the best of it. I really don't see
any other way to deal with life in general -- I better focus on the
positives in my life, because this is the only life I have!


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