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[IP] more insulin as time goes on

Hi, Michael.

>My daughter has seen slow up and down swings like this over the last year 
>or two.

I've seen these kinds of swings over the last 25 years or two. ;-) Some 
people have this problem, others can coast without seeing basal changes, or 
at least that's what I'd like to believe.

The pump has NOT changed the amplitude or frequency of these variations, 
but it's made it much simpler to react to them. With the press of a few 
buttons, I get almost instantaneous response and I don't have to contend 
with the effects of long-acting insulin.

I've virtually abandoned my search for the cause(s) of the basal 
variations. I do know that it's due to something, probably hormonal, that's 
not currently measured and is, therefore, beyond my control. (I wince at 
the folks who're convinced that the 0.1 unit they took or didn't take was 
responsible for their latest bg excursion.)

IOW, at least in my case, insulin is only part of the physiological story. 
A part I can control, but not the only part needed to maintain bg in the 
normal range, even after accounting for diet, activity, and stress.

regards, Andy

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