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[IP] Re: Gil and diabeasties

Gil wrote:

>>No, you're not missing anything. On the other hand, maybe you two haven't
been haunted by diabeasties long enough. Forty-five years has been a long
sentence.  <<

Well, Gil, in my book 37 years is a long enough time to be *haunted by the
diabeasties* too.  Since I was 11 years old.  But still never had rescue
called or been taken by ambulance to the hospital.  Hubby and others have
always taken care of my lows.  Guess I treat easily, just pop a little candy
in my mouth and I come out of it.  In fact, I almost always came out of lows
by myself if left alone, I even lived alone for a number of years.  Guess
the ole liver still works ok.

RoseLea and Max...

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