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[IP] YMMV - enables focus to be in the wrong direction?

To me YMMV enables a group to focus on the differences instead of the
similarities that we all have dealing with diabetes.  So much of the
focus tends to be on the mechanics and finding the "right tool" to "fix

The similarities we have are either ignored or worked through - trouble
is that they are not easily "fixed"...

To varying degrees I think we all have the following similarities with


Do any of us feel the following related to diabetes:

confident			safe
isolation			tired
shame				anxiety
peaceful			insecure
feeling out of control		understood
powerless			misunderstood
overwhelmed			resentment
rage				deprived
secure				ignored
abandoned			abused
descrimination			judged
blame				defensive

Anyone have any more to add?

It's very easy to think (universally) that "I am the only one" when
feelings are rarely discussed.  And there are very few places to learn
how normal feelings are. Feelings are never right of wrong, THEY ARE.

Diabetes has many intense feelings that travel with it, but learning to
be at ease with the feelings can be a painful process that few will take
on voluntarily....

Retorical question..... Is diabetes is better than_________?  

I would greatfully exchange cancer (NOT IN ADDITION TO) for diabetes! 
(cancer took my younger brother over a 13 month period)

May we all find safe ways to grow outside our comfort zones...

Jim S.
email @ redacted
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