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Re: [IP] Trying to Learn, lows and snacks

In a message dated 9/14/00 6:49:17 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Since I still have to eat 6 times a day while on the pump I'm concerned 
that if I do cover my snack after the low I would cause myself more lows.  
Confusing?  I think so.
 Any insight or information would be greatly appreciated.  Carol T.

Just trying to be helpful and not too pushy, but you shouldn't have to eat if 
you don't want to while pumping.  You may want to try easing back your basals 
and/or lowering your boluses.  The reason that pumping is so wonderful is 
that you don't have to eat on a schedule and you don't crash either.  If 
you're still stuck to this kind of regime, your not getting the full benefit 
of pumping yet.  It takes a lot of experimenting at first, but change slowly 
and you should see a difference.  I've done lots of fasts with testing every 
hour, just to see what the pattern is.  If you try to eliminate the 
mid-afternoon snack for example, cut back the basal for that afternoon, or 
adjust down the bolus, and then test every hour to make sure you're not 
dropping.  Your basals should be just enough to make it hour by hour with no 

Your endo telling you to eat a snack after treating a low is stuck on the old 
way of thinking for MDI.  After your basals are set right, you should be able 
to go down to 60, eat a few tabs to come up and staaayyyyy there, without the 
snack.  Pumping lows come up easier than MDI lows because you have no 
"background" long acting insulin to deal with. The protein he is suggesting 
keeps you up because it is metabolized over a longer period of time and keeps 
bgs up, i.e. the carbs are released over several hours. I have skipped many a 
lunch and dinner this way.  Not healthy, but possible to do. If you do opt 
for the snack, then yes, count the carbs, or at least part of them, and bolus 
for them.  When I do the snack after a low, I bolus with an extended (square 
wave) bolus that spreads the bolus out over time (I usually use 60 minutes 
when low).

Hope this helps, we're all trying to learn from each other.

Best wishes,
IDDM 20 yrs, pumping 4 yrs
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