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[IP] RE: Taking Control - was Basal Question

Carol T. said:

> Please make sure I get any responses to this-I too could learn
> from this-my
> endo. has never allowed me to make changes to my own pump I've decided to
> take control myself and need to learn as much as I can.  Thanks Marilyn

Congratulations Carol.  Endos that don't empower their patients to take
control are doing a disservice to the patient, themselves, and the pump.
The patient is ill served because the patient needs to, not only be able to
fine tune things when needed, but be able to respond spontaneously and
quickly to situations like illnesses, infections, change of circumstances,
activity level, etc.  It's a disservice to the endo because (s)he is not
fulfilling their intended purpose and function, and no personal satisfaction
can come from a job performed with mediocrity.  It's a disservice to, and
frustrates, the pump because it deprives the pump of performing according to
its intended design capabilities and the poor thing will have a breakdown.
I wouldn't be surprised if *some few* of the pump difficulties that  have
been discussed recently is nothing more than stressed-out pumps waiting for
a real purpose and fulfillment. :-)

In addition to asking questions here, read through the books Pumping Insulin
by Walsh & Roberts and/or Pummping Insulin by MiniMed.  Great books that
will give answers where you didn't know there was questions.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 - 1998

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