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[IP] RE: Taking away the pump

My daughter started on the pump on Aug. 28th.  Mini Med 508.  Everything was
going great.  They even told me I was the easiest pump start yet.  Well, on
Monday at school Katie was High.  The nurse didn't call me and also didn't
check for Keytones.  Katie is 13 and has alot of diasabilities.  The nurse
told her she was fine and everything was ok. Of course, since she was a
nurse Katie said fine.  When I found out about it after school, I of course,
was mad, changed her site, blood sugars was fine.  At bedtime, high sugars
large keytones.  Call Doctor, got yelled at, got rid of keytones.  Tuesday
was not avaible by phone, was in to another dr. for all daughter two hours
away.  Wed. site fell out again.  Nurse told me Katie could no longer use
pump.  Talked her into letting me try the silhouete site.  Put that in
yesterday at doctors, today at 10:00 hight sugars, large keytones.  I had to
remove site and she is no longer able to use the pump.  Is this normal.  I
have spoken to them all the time when something was wrong.  Katie has always
gotten keytones.  She gets them at least twice a month and normally large
amount.  Nothing different.  What do I do, we want the pump.  Any
suggestions.  Sorry so long.

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