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Re: [IP] Re: Outward appearances


RoseLea wrote:
> Jim, while I also don't "live to eat" I do enjoy having something decadent
> at times.  Chocolate comes to mind at this point.  :o)  If I just ate what I
> needed to live, what a boring life that would be.  I guess everyone just has
> their own priorities to live with.   And while I understand why your
> examples chose to do the things they did, I'm with Sara, I want to enjoy my
> life, not just live with schedules and the same food day in and day out.
> After being tied to the clock for 37 years, I am enjoying my new-found
> freedom.  And, if those people I've talked to were happy with the way they
> were using their pumps, that would be ok.  But, most I've talked to are
> surprised there's another way to do it with carb counting and more
> flexibility.  So that's not choice, that's not being told there's another
> way to do it.  And, if anything, I love the flexibility my life has now.
> I'm not a planner.  I act more on impulse and the pump allows me to do that.
> I was never able to do that on shots.  YMMV.
> RoseLea and Max...

I must admit that the pump has given me something that I was never able
to achieve using shots.  The simple ability to be able to sleep in
without needing to get up for a shot so I could go back to sleep......
If I could keep that ability without the pump, I would give it up in an

I was lucky to have felt comfortable acting on impulse whether on MDI or
the pump.

Eating itself is neither exciting nor boring to me.  To me enjoying life
is spending time with friends, being exposed to something new that seems
interesting, being creative, listening to music, exploring, .......  
And yes, food tends to be involved with many of these things - The meal
"seems to" make slowing down acceptable so we can take the time to talk
to those we are eating with...  And sometimes the food even provides
something "to hide behind" if the conversation becomes "stressful".

When going on the pump,carb counting is usually included whether the
person went looking for it or not. It has been an option for a long

It's very difficult to enjoy impulsive excitement when its physical
symptoms are so similar to hypoglycemia....

I'm happy for you and everyone who has found the pump to change their
lives in ways that they may not have been able to imagine.

Jim S.
email @ redacted
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