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[IP] change of seasons and basals

IS this normal?  (Like anything I do is normal, but we will get  over that
part) vbg
My basals are not working, I am resting and reconfiguring them, and today I
just changed them all up a tenth again.  The weather here has changed fro
the cooler/colder, and I know in the summer I have to lower my basals.  Is
this normal for a pumper?  I am on a daily total of 25.7 units, and this
summer I was lucky if it was 24 or 23 units in a 24 hour period.  I don't
have a cold, I hope I don't have menopause yet, and no infections.  I have
an appointment with my endo 10/27 but I will not go that long on a bg
average of 4 weeks of 169!  I hate being at a bg of even 150, which was my
target a year ago, now I like 125 or less, I feel 100% better at 100 to 125.
Thanks for any advice, as usual, you are all great helpers in this
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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