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[IP] Boils

Grandma Susan Writes:I frequently get boils and cysts in various parts of
my body.  Sometimes they 
have to be lanced and last year one had to be really "dug" out as it kept 
reoccuring in the same location. My doc said if these continued he was going 
to have to test me for diabetes. My child has diabetes - I do not!  I have 
tested my glucose level before meals and after meals and always range from 80 
- - 140 but usually am around 90.  There are a lot of family members who have 
diabetes so I am trying to take care of myself and check it out from time to 
time.  Anyway, it looks like both diabetics and non diabetics have boils and 
SweetSpot anwswers: Almost everyone wlll get a boil once in a while These
occcur from skin bacteris getting into the sweat glands and causing an
infection often in diabetic folks they can be treated with antibiotics and
hot application nut need to be opened (lanced) if they are too painful or
persist despite non surgical treatment. When antibiotics are prescribed you
should take all of them. that were prescribed. You should not squeeze a
boil or even a zit because the bacteria can be forced into the blood stream
and cause infections elsewhere in your body. cysts are sweat glands that
are blocked up they are hard but are harmless unles they get infected. if a
small amount is left in, a new cyst can form. never try to treat a bil or
cyst on your own, professional advice and trearment is necessay. ciabetic
or not, I had a non diabetic patient who squezed a zit on her face and
developed a brain abcess which let her with a left sided paralysis. Due
caution is advised this is not minor stuff, especially in a diabetic
person. Spot and Christine

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