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[IP] Sara and RoseLea...

You wrote:

>>dang...am I missing something by not ever having called cops or EMTs ever
during my 27 years of diabetes....hmmmm...<<

No, you're not missing anything. On the other hand, maybe you two haven't 
been haunted by diabeasties long enough. Forty-five years has been a long 

Cops there to restrain me when I convulsed and/or got combative and EMTS to 
stick glucose-delivering harpoons into my arms. FUN IT AIN'T!  Now that 
you're pumpers, my hope for you is that you'll never have the 'pleasure'.

My wife is a candidate for sainthood. She has 'stuck' (scratch that) 'stayed' 
with me and my 'betes for 25 years.

Regards and I hope that your good fortune endures,
 - Gil  8-)
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