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[IP] My ultimate carb conquest!

I just had to share this with everyone.  This only
comes after 17 months of pumping, and numberous
attempts.  Yesterday, I went out to lunch to
"celebrate" the completion of my internship.  Where we
went was a Chinese Buffet.  Mmmm.  First off, I ate as
much as I wanted.  Second off, I managed to hover
around 70-90 the rest of the day (actually I would
have prefered a little higher, but before my best
numbers after ANY (not even a buffet) chinese meal
involved me bouncing to 400 about 3 hours after the
meal and staying there despite many boluses for about
4 hours)!  Yahoo!!!  I bolused what I guestimated the
carbs to be when I ate, then cranked up my basals
(using a temp basal) for 5 hours, and wah-la!

Maureen and Jude (her beta cells on a leash, that I
was able to program to do exactly what I wanted!  Try
that on MDI!)

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