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[IP] Re: Outward appearances

Jim S. wrote:

>>I've been on a pump for over 6 years and tend to eat the same things
very often, though definitely not at the same times. Without saying more
it would be very easy to think that I am in a "rigid" food/time
regimen....  And yes I do carb count as best I can when I consciously
choose to eat differently.
I have made a personal decision to not "work that hard" doing things
differently every day. The thought "eat to live, not live to eat" comesto

Jim, while I also don't "live to eat" I do enjoy having something decadent
at times.  Chocolate comes to mind at this point.  :o)  If I just ate what I
needed to live, what a boring life that would be.  I guess everyone just has
their own priorities to live with.   And while I understand why your
examples chose to do the things they did, I'm with Sara, I want to enjoy my
life, not just live with schedules and the same food day in and day out.
After being tied to the clock for 37 years, I am enjoying my new-found
freedom.  And, if those people I've talked to were happy with the way they
were using their pumps, that would be ok.  But, most I've talked to are
surprised there's another way to do it with carb counting and more
flexibility.  So that's not choice, that's not being told there's another
way to do it.  And, if anything, I love the flexibility my life has now.
I'm not a planner.  I act more on impulse and the pump allows me to do that.
I was never able to do that on shots.  YMMV.

RoseLea and Max...

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