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Re: [IP] Basal question (long!)

Hi.  This is where the pump is going to make life simple for your son and
you.  His activity level/pattern has surely changed with the beginning of

A 'constant' basal all day is not working.  To get better control; get more
Bg's, don't forget food and exercise, and look for a pattern(s).  Remember
to adjust basals incrementally.

He is high at lunch.  What is his mid morning Bg?  If the mid morning is ok
then a slight basal increase may be in order, if his mid morning is over
target, then consider tightening meal bolus.  The same procedures will work
for the afternoon highs.  All of this will take a little time and good
record keeping.  

FYI, I use 2 distinct basal profiles.  One for work schedule and one for day
off schedule, each uses 5 different basal rates, I also use different bolus

Remember the pump is about flexibility and personal control.  You have all
of us to help you get used to this 'New' idea ;-)


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