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[IP] Ambo & ice cream

Sara SP wrote:
> >>dang...am I missing something by not ever having called cops or EMTs
> during my 27 years of diabetes....hmmmm...<<
> RoseLea and Max replied:
> Hey, I'm with you girl... in my 37 years of diabetes, no one has ever
> rescue or an ambulance or taken me to the hospital for any low or high...

And I add, in 50 years (11/5/00) so far I also have never had a rescue
squad, cute EMT, nor any other such person called for anything. I have a
friend, however, who has been pumping at least a decade who is on first-name
basis with every *helper* around. YMMV
Jan & Bluda Sue  http://maxpages.com/bludasue

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] ice cream
>     Oh Jan!
>                 I can't believe it Edy's over Brigham's Pistachio. I guess
> it's another YMMV. Roger C and his overworked hockey puck

Hain't never heerd oh that bran' o' ice cream, Rog!
Jan & Bluda Sue (I have to spell *her* out - can't use the initials!) (~_^)

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