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Re: [IP] Lump @ old site!

> Hi there:  New pumper (4.5 year old boy) and after I changed his
> site 2 days ago, he still has a lump under his skin at the site?? 
> This is the first time this has happened as we have changed sites 4
> times so far over the weeks? It is very sensitive, bothers me more i
> am sure?? What is this?  Someone said a bandaid with polysporin etc.
> would help but nope!  Anyone else experience this and what should I
> do?

What you describe could be either bacterial or a potential allergic 
reaction to either the catheter or a component of the insulin. A 
small percentage of pumpers get this type of problem. By the process 
of elimination, you can probably identify the source of the 

Preparation of the site:
wash your hands and be very careful not to touch your face or allow 
your child to touch any of the site materials or his site area (we 
unconciously touch our faces all the time). Use a skin prep 
sterilizer such as providine to sterilize the site then apply a 
reqular skin prep such as Smith & Nephew Skin Prep or IV Prep. If the 
lumps continue, the problem is probably not bacterial but related to 
the catheter (very rare) or sensitivity to Humalog -- more likely. 
You can verify the sensitivity to Humalog by switching to Velosulin 
for a couple of weeks and seeing if the condition persists. Velosulin 
is a regular insulin so this will affect the timing of basal rates. 
Rate changes must all be made approximately 1 hour earlier for a 
regular insulin than for Humalog for most people. Thus if a Humalog 
basal started at 9:00, a corresponding regular insulin basal would 
start at 8:00 and so on.....  If the change of insulin eliminates the 
problem, you can try mixing H and V, probably a 5 part H & 1 part V 
mix will work, and see if the problem still is resolved. 

If messing with insulins does not work, try another type of infusion 
set. This has worked for some pumpers when they have had this type of 
problem. For a short term trial, Disetronic 6mm rapids will eliminate 
teflon (they are steel needles). You didn't say which set your were 
using, so a long term fix might involve switching from SofSets to 
Sil/Tender/Comfort sets or visa versa.

Of course, you would want to review all of this with your medical 
team. :-)

 Hope this helps,
email @ redacted
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