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Re: [IP] Basal question (long!)

> My question is:  1.6
> seems too high and 1.5 is too low.  What do you all think?  He kept
> his pump going at 1.6 for the daytime so we'll see how it goes.  I
> think he should keep it at 1.6 (if all goes well today)  until 10
> p.m. then go to 1.5 til the 3 a.m. 1.8 kicks in. Any opinions?

School schedules definetly bring a change in basal requirements form 
my 17 yo. Your only option to really get on top of it is to again 
profile basal requirements. Night times are so variable for us that I 
always check at 2:30 for the occasional deep low that sometimes shows 
up unexpectedly, but generally our night times are usually a little 
high with a 2:30 correction the results in bgs below 150 - 180 in the 
morning. Since there may easily be a 100 point variation from night 
to night, we have not put too much stress in trying to get the 
numbers lower since doing so results in many more night time lows. 
Days are usually OK, and can be easily fixed when not.

Hope this helps you to not be stressed about it.

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