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No Subject

 SNIP>>>>>> Carol T said: I have lows daily and then after I treat the lows
I naturally =
have the highs.  Still think I'm going to go ahead and treat the high =
after the snack to try and level out. Since I still have to eat 6 times =
a day while on the pump I'm concerned that if I do cover my snack after =
the low I would cause myself more lows.  Confusing?  I think so. 
Any insight or information would be greatly appreciated.  Carol T.<<<<<SNIP

This is only my opinion, but if I was having a lot of lows and having to eat
six times a day to prevent lows, my basals would be too high.  The pump has
prevented "eating to the insulin" that used to be the case with MDIs.  When
I treat a low, like I eat the whole granola bar instead of the 1/3 to 1/2
that would have taken care of the low, I have to subtract the carbs that
were needed to correct low.  Like, if I test and I am 44, I know that I need
30 gms of carb to get me back to 80.  I eat the 30 and don't bolus.
However, I always check in an hour, and at the second hour just to be sure.
Now when I eat two pieces of Godiva to cover the low, I have to remember to
bolus in about 1/2 hour cause I got some extra fat/carbs to take care of.   

So what I am saying is, if I were in your shoes, I would know by basals are
out of whack, or my boluse are off.  I would aim for a slightly higher goal,
do some fasting to test basals (split the fasting into 3 days or so) and
make the appropriate corrections. 

But, you and your endo know that all our mileages vary. 
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL 

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