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Re: [IP] more insulin as time goes on

Carol, it sounds like your basals are not set right.  If you have them set
right, you should be able to fast all day.  If you have to eat, you are not
taking advantage of the best thing about the pump.  You need to learn how
to set and  use it correctly.

<HI Katrina-You sound a little like me with your insulin-is your activity
<level changing at all during these times?  I still have to eat every 2 and
<1/2 hours 6 times daily at scheduled times to prevent lows while on the
<pump. Just keep testing-before and after activities, meals stressful
<situations etc.  This site has been fantastic for me I've never been able to
<talk to anybody else on the pump and am learning a lot.  Thanks to all!
<Carol T.

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