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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #480

One thing I am beginning
to wonder about is, when is the best time to do site changes and how long
does it take once you learn how to do it?  There isn't much time to be
extra duties on school mornings.  I've heard people say you shouldn't do it
at bedtime so when is the best time?  Also, he gets the sheets wrapped
his body everynight -- looks like a burrito -- so is this going to be a big
problem with the tubing? <snip>

I have changed sites just before dinner many times.  As long as it's 2 hours
before bedtime, and you can check and make sure it's working before going to
sleep, everything should be okay.  Just be sure to check bg when you change
site, and 2 hours or so later.

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