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Re: [IP] more insulin as time goes on

<part of original post>
<I've been pumping since June and started out at an average of 0.7 basal
and 15/1 carb/insulin ratio.  Those numbers rose
steadily over the past couple of months until I was using an average
basal of 1.5 and 8/1 carb ratio.  The past couple of weeks I've
struggled to keep my bg's above 70 and have been lowering all my rates
like crazy and am now at 0.9 basal and 10/1 carb.  I was wondering if
it's just my bod adjusting to the new insulin and control.>

Hi Katrina,

Just a thought--have you been exercising more the past few weeks? For me
my basal and carb rates really change when I do. For me the amount of
exercise I get is so unpredictable from day to day--and the effects last
much longer than that day--into the next day at least.



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