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Re: [IP] Questions from a new pumper

>1) Has anyone experienced less sensitivity to humalog since using the pump?

Well, my hubby hasn't. Don't know about others... Have you done any
testing of your basal rates recently? Shane's changed several times
during the first few months of pumping. Is it possible that what looks
like needing to bolus more is really an inadequate basal rate?

>2) I find the long tubing really bothersome.  Is there some disadvantage to >shorter tubing that I don't know about?

Shane dislikes the shorter tubing for 3 main reasons: 1. he takes the
pump in the shower and with the shorter tubing he can't move around as
much  2. with the longer tubing, if he drops the pump, if will hit the
carpet or the bed or whatever, instead of yanking on the site (not sure
how good that is for pump...) 3. He likes to sleep with pump in leg
thing and it won't reach as well with the short tubing. Personally, I
think if I was a pumper I would prefer the short tubing, but Shane hates
it. YMMV I guess...

>4) Theoretically, with the pump one should be able to eat anything so long as >it's compensated for by the appropriate units of H.  Is there anyone on this >list that restricts nothing?  For example, if I want to eat sweets (which I >often do) I don't restrict them and I'm still able to maintain tight control
>by using the carb ratio thing.

Shane absolutely refuses to listen to anyone who says "you can't eat
that". He doesn't restrict anything he eats. His CDE has actually
encouraged him to experiment with things like pizza and chinese food.
When he does the CGMS later this month, she said eating pizza one night
would be a great experiment. She says no one (diabetic or not) should
eat pizza, ice cream, cake, candy, etc. on an everyday basis, but that
he should be able to enjoy them occasionally like the rest of us, so its
best if he learns how to compensate for it. He loves being able to go
buy zebra cakes without feeling guilty.
ps. The CDE said that "theoretically" one could eat whatever they wanted
on MDI too, but there was no way Shane was gonna be willing to do that
many shots!
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