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[IP] Trying to Learn

Hi All
I just read a post from someone and had meant to edit it before answering and lost all the information. 
Can anyone tell me how to edit and send without sending the whole message I'm responding to?
The post I am typing about was about treating lows with juice or coke.  There was an response stating "I can't use juice or coke I use carbs, if I use juice I always go low 2 to 3 hours after-interesting.
When I go low it hurts alot (bad HA and Back ache) and if I didn't use juice I don't think I would recover quick enough.  My endo. told me I have to use quick acting sugar to get my bg's back to normal, and then to eat a starch, protein snack when I'm back in the 70's. When I test my lows I'm usually in the 40's. I have told my endo that I think I should cover my carb snack because after I recover my bg's are high.  He insists it's because I am having rebounds from the low and not to cover the snack. I have lows daily and then after I treat the lows I naturally have the highs.  Still think I'm going to go ahead and treat the high after the snack to try and level out. Since I still have to eat 6 times a day while on the pump I'm concerned that if I do cover my snack after the low I would cause myself more lows.  Confusing?  I think so.
Any insight or information would be greatly appreciated.  Carol T.