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Re; [IP] bubbles update

Faith wrote:

>>I did fix my cartridge and let it sit for 2 hrs before using it just in
and the bigger bubble waited and showed up again the next day.  I am still
wearing my pump upside down but am frustrated.<<

Faith, my CDE told me that a lot of her pumpers experience this same thing,
even after trying all the ways to prevent bubbles from appearing.  I really
don't worry about them anymore, I too, wear my pump upside down whenever
possible, and I keep an eye on my tubing in case a large bubble ever appears
in there and I can take care of it before it gets to me and causes a problem
(getting air instead of the insulin).  So far, it's working great, and I
never run my cartridges down until they're dry, they usually have a teeny
bit left in them and the air bubble seems to say in the cartridge.  Also, if
you're using glass cartridges (which I seemed to have more bubble problems
with than the plastic) the little white fill tube in the cartridge will
catch any larger bubbles and prevent them from coming out of the cartridge.
I've tested this and it works.  I also prefill my cartridges so they sit
around upright for a few days and any air in them seems to float to the top
and comes out when I prime.  Hope some of these suggestions work for you, or
at least make you feel a little more comfortable.  :o)  YMMV.  :o)

RoseLea and Max...

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