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Re: [IP] a1c and complications and life in general

Faith wrote:

>>I didn't take it that sara didn't care about complications or wasn't
good care of herself.  With carb counting it is ok to eat whatever you want,
ben and jerry's or whatever, as long as you count it and cover it.
I cherish my eye sight and my kidneys and everything else too but I am
thankful for the freedom to eat what i want when i want that counting carbs
and pumping has given me. <<

Since I've started pumping, I've been amazed at the people I hear of that
use the pump just like injections.  They don't count carbs and they take the
same amounts of insulin just like on MDI.  I was talking to a colleague when
she recognized that I had a pump on, since her brother-in-law is also a
pumper.  I made the comment that now I can eat what I want, whenever I want
and she told me that after 6 months of pumping her brother-in-law wasn't to
that point yet.  Huh?  I can only figure that he's taking his insulin just
like he did on shots and so is locked into eating certain things at certain
times of the day.  I've heard of other people pumping that way also.  I
guess maybe it's the doctors who are not familiar with pumps and think that
it needs to be done just like injections.  Remember, there's a lot of
medical personnel out there who don't have a clue about pumping.  I have
found so much freedom with the pump, I also can eat Ben and Jerry's or
whatever I want and still come up with an A1c of 4.5.  But, then I watch my
bgs like a hawk and try to stay as close to 100 as possible without having
lots of lows.  And, so far, after 4 months, it's working great.  BTW, I've
had D for 37 years, never really deprived myself of a lot of things and
still have had no complications other than bursitis and frozen shoulder,
which I might have gotten even if I wasn't D.

RoseLea and Max...

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