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[IP] those pesky bubbles...we finally have success!!


I have a 12 yr old who has been pumping now for 1 1/2 yrs and it is
fabulous.  The biggest problem I had over that time had been bubbles.
Everything else was great (knock on wood), but those damn bubbles would
mess up her sugars from time to time and I was sooooo frustrated.  Well,
finally I got rid of the darn things.  The odd bubble might sneak
through, but it is smaller and much more infrequent.

I tried EVERYTHING!!  Warming insulin, letting it sit out, (knew about
wearing pump upside down but Erica wouldn't like that), and a few other
things.  Anyway, what finally did it for us was how I hit the
cartridge.  Took us over a year to do it right!
Anyway, I had always been hitting the cartridge, and hard too.  One day
I had filled a syringe and when I loaded it into Erica's pump I noticed
that the minute I put it in bubbles rose from the bottom of the syringe
and immediately messed things up.  I was so angry.  I took a bread and
butter knife and started banging the cartridge near the bottom and I was
amazed at the number of bubbles that came out.  I looked and could see
they were trapped near the 'O' ring where the plunger is pulled through
(don't know if I am explaining this very well...sorry)

What  I do now, is hold the syringe in my hand and give it support along
its length (let the plunger part lay free through) so basically it is
laying against my hand (very important) but I hold my hand so the
syringe is pointing up. Then I start banging the darn thing hard and pay
particular attention to the bottom part of the syringe where the plunger
and O rings are.  Then of course, I release them through the top of the
syringe.  I couldn't believe the number of bubbles that came from there!
Erica is now basically bubble free.  I had been getting so frustrated
and had tried all the tricks.  Her blood sugars are very consistent now
because those pesky bubbles aren't slipping through to upset the
applecart.  I see an A1c in the '6' range coming up soon!! YEEHAW!!

LIFE IS WONDERFUL!!  Our Canadian Butterfly is thriving!!

Barb....Erica's mom
Summer is over....time to catch up on insulin pumpers :)

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