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[IP] Message for all

I am forwarding to you all the message that I have
been sending around so you know!

Hello Everyone!  Before I start I must warn you that
this is an ad.  I don't consider it spam because this
is something that is very important to me and I hope
you take the time to read this.

I know not all of you are country fans so I thought I
would start out with a little explination.  Many of
you probably don't know who Mark Collie is. Let me
give you a brief idea.  Mark Collie is a great country
but that's not what this is about.  Mark is also a
Type I diabetic.  He was diagnosed when he was a
teenager.  At that time he was told that he should
change his career plans because it would be rough on
his care.  He said phoo to that and pushed forth with
what now is a great career. (Sound like anyone else
you know :) )  He is a great inspiration to me and
many others like me.

Every year he hosts the Mark Collie Celebrity race of
Diabetes Cure.  It is a fun time for all where famous
country artists race cars to make money for a cure. 
All the procedes go to diabetic organizations such as
Juvinille Diabetes Foundation and the American
Diabetes Foundation.  The race is in Nashville on
October 11, 2000.  If anyone is interested in tickets
I can get them for you.  Just let me know.  Sorry I
can't get 
you the plane tickets, just the tickets for the race

They also have an on line auction at
http://www.countryville.net . The items for the
auction are updated weekley.  There is some really
cool stuff this year.

Before you ask, I just want to say that there is
nothing in this for me.  Well that is not exactly
true, if a cure is found because of fund raisers like 
this the bennefits to me and others like me will be

I know many of you don't have the money to do things
like this, and  that's ok. You can help though by
passing this message on to others so they can check it
out too.  Thanks everyone!

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