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[IP] Re: Testing at school


I have only had the school call me if there was a problem with my daughter's
bg #. Also, I have always had the nurse (and later, Jessica when she learned
to write all her numbers) send home a little note with her bg listed. This
has always worked for us and never caused an inconvenience for any of the
school personnel.

Extra supplies have always been kept in Jessica's classroom but she has
always tested in the room. When she went to kindergarten, she knew how to do
her own bg test on her meter with very little or no supervision, only needed
help deciphering the numbers and what they meant. Even if your son has to
leave the room to test, you will want to keep a box of supplies in the room,
especially glucose tabs, juice boxes and packages of peanut butter crackers.
We have Rubbermaid boxes about the size of a shoebox that we keep everything

Recess and gym class may be a little more difficult. Since we have only been
pumping 3 weeks now, I am not very well versed on this subject, only know
what seems to be working for us now. You would best know how your son reacts
to the running, jumping and playing he does and how this affects his bgs.
Jessica keeps her pump on for recess and disconnects for gym class. We have
found this works for us as if she wears her pump for gym class, she has a
tendency to go low and we find it easier for her to disconnect instead of
program a temp basal. Maybe you could try several different ways and see
what works best for you. Keep a detailed log so you can refer back to it. We
are very fortunate to have a classroom aide in Jessica's room who has been
doing this for us at school.

Good luck. Hope some of this will be of help to you. In reference to your
504, do not sign anything unless you feel it will work for your son and you.
The school is required to accomodate your son. Be prepared to ask for
everything you think you may need. Keep up the good work!!!!!

Kim Hummel
mother to Jessica, 10, pumping 3 weeks today and LOVING IT

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