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Re: [IP] missing out?

>dang...am I missing something by not ever having called cops or EMTs ever 
>during my 27 years of diabetes....hmmmm...this MIGHT be an ideal way to meet 
>Mr. Smartie Pants....ya know, I have never woken up in an ambulance with some 
>hunky, broad shouldered fireman sitting next to me, gently holding my hand 
>and looking deeply into my eyes...

You aren't missing a thing!!! Unless you come out of severe hypos better
than Shane, checking out the fireman is gonna be the LAST thing on your
mind! (more like, hmmm, now where am I gonna puke at...)
You know, they are only staring into your eyes cause they want to see if
your pupils work right, and they aren't really holding your hand gently,
they are holding you down while the other one jabs an iv in you :)
Shane wasn't interested in the cute fire guys, and since all the female
EMTs could pretty much bench press him, he was scared of them :-) He
does not miss any of them at all!
Besides, paying a dating service is probably a whole lot cheaper than
that ambulance drive, ER doctor, and possible hospital stay!
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